About Laurel Resources LLC

Laurel Resources LLC is geared towards the provision of pragmatic and visionary products, services and technological solutions. We focus on talent development for future innovators and aim towards developing more effective modes of delivery to greatly reduce absorption cost.

We represent Gentherm Global Power Technologies and AppTech Solutions manufacturers of Thermoelectric Generators and Decentralized fresh and Wastewater Treatment System manufacturers of products and services, produced for qualitative service delivery.

We believe that our alliance with LaurelGabe Solutions Int’l Ltd, Nigeria (LGSIL) and collaboration of strategic and technical partners will enable private and public sector to stay ahead of the curve sustainably.

Our services include but are not limited to; Water, Energy, Oil & Gas,Telecommunications, TEGs, Cathodic Protection, NDT, Marine, ICT & Mobile, Environment, PPP Project Facilitation services.

Our Vision:

To provide products and services that transcends traditional boundaries.

Our Mission:

To be a solution-driven entity.

Our Core values: